What We Do to Make Things Fit


I recently got a great deal on a pair of amazing boots at a local boutique. I was so excited! I got them on sale!

I’ll Figure It Out

There was only one pair left and I had to have them because of the great deal compared to their retail price. There was only one challenge…they are really too big for me.

But that’s ok (I told myself), I’ll figure it out. So I bought them. I now wear two pairs of socks and an insole insert to make them fit so my foot doesn’t slide around and give me blisters.

This morning when I went to put them on, I thought about how much I have to do just to make them fit. It really is ridiculous what I go through just to wear them. And even though I got them on sale, I still spent money on shoes that don’t fit!

As I sat thinking about how much I go through for a pair of boots it struck me that spending time with God, which doesn’t require near as much investment, seems so inconvenient.

Making Him Fit

Let’s break this down;

  • God sent us His Son to die for us so we could have an open communication with Him and it costs us nothing!
  • He is the real deal, not some cheap sale item. And yet we get more excited about an item on sale than we do about spending time and eternity with our Creator!
  • He is the perfect fit for us and all of our problems can be answered through Him. Yet we don’t try Him on. We avoid Him instead.
  • He knows our inner most thoughts and knew us even in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). We don’t have to go through an inconvenient routine to make Him fit into our lives. He’s already the perfect fit!

It’s amazing how God will show up to teach us things through the simplest of examples.

The Lord Woos in Unusual Ways

The Lord brought all these thoughts while I was putting on my boots. I’ll still keep ’em; I love them and I believe God delights in me having found them. But I will also remember what I learned from them too through the Holy Spirit.

Spend time with God through His Word, through Devotionals, through sermons. It is free, and will fit perfectly! You can’t ask for anything better.

photo credit: Here Comes Trouble via photopin (license)