Peace In The Normal


I’ve held a long time, core belief that the Christian idea of “swimming upstream” against the world is wrong. A blog post recommended this week by our daughter confirmed my belief. It is definitely worth the read.

Common vs. Normal

As I shared in our post, Our Elaborate Fig Leaves, Gayle Erwin (The Jesus Style) writes that the world teaches us to, “become unreal–untrue to ourselves–incongruent. That unreality is opposite to the nature of Jesus who is the God of reality.”

My experience says that the offer of, “peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:7)” is usually found when we are brutally honest and true – to God and to ourselves. Those moments when we push through the fears and doubts and say, ‘what have I got to lose?’.

It’s in those moments that we experience a surprising comfort; like the feeling we have when we walk into our home after a week away. It simply feels good to be home.

The peace is due to the fact that God’s design for the world has never gone away, it is simply hidden by the common.

Beating 50 Percent


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have a blog entitled Beating 50 Percent. It is dedicated to encouraging couples to beat the odds and actually have delight-full marriages. Their most recent blog post is entitled Normal vs. Common.

This is what they shared of it on Instagram. I encourage you to read the entire blog post here.

It’s common for people to roll their eyes at engaged couples and say things like, “oh honey you don’t know what you’re in for.” It’s normal for people to encourage engaged couples and offer wisdom, council, and prayer.

It’s common to fight and disagree. It’s normal to seek reconciliation over retaliation.

It’s common to watch your spouse becoming someone else and to reject it. It’s normal to love the stranger you find yourself married to, and to let growth and change excite you.

It’s common to allow trials and conflict to breed bitterness and brokenness. It’s normal to have a marriage marked by forgiveness, grace, and fixing.

It’s common to turn into roommates. It’s normal to be best friends, lovers, and encouragers.

It’s common to struggle to connect. It’s normal to grow in intimacy and oneness.

It’s common to bicker about living habits. It’s normal to laugh at your differences, communicate the necessary changes, and learn to respond selflessly

It’s common to let circumstances define your marriage. It’s normal to allow trust and joy to permeate the circumstances of your marriage.

It’s common to cling to your own ways and cling to your independence. It’s normal to submit to one another and surrender your selfish ambition.

It’s common to fight about financial decisions. It’s normal to make wise financial decisions together, and to agree on ways to give generously.

It’s common to go weeks without having sex. It’s normal to make love regularly and enjoy sexual intimacy.

It’s common to ignore and avoid honest conversations. It’s normal to communicate consistently and with intention and honesty.

It’s common to loose your “inloveness” over time. It’s normal to grow in love each year.

It’s common for work, iPhones, pornography, Netflix, and social media to rob you from connecting with your spouse. It’s normal to prioritize your marriage and set aside time to date your spouse, to play, laugh, eliminate distractions, and just be.

It’s common to grow apart. It’s normal to always grow in love, always more.

Culture was never intended to define normal, it is was only permitted to define common.

Defined Normal

God defined normal. Let’s commit to ourselves and our spouses to access it every day.