Guest Post – Change Is Hard


Note: This week’s post is from a dear friend and second time mom, Anna Owen.

Change is hard.


Let me rephrase…

Being formed into a new creature other than what you were in the past takes a toll on what you thought was your identity in this world.

Ok, that’s better.

New Additions

I just recently had a baby. A beautiful little boy who has all of my heart, and takes my breath away. He also takes a lot of my time and energy, which leaves Sister to occupy herself a lot.

Sister is a fabulous human being, too. So smart, and kind to new brother, and has taken the change rather well in my opinion. Crying Baby Brother means she gets to watch more tv than normal, and eat M&Ms. The parenting award goes to me, thank you!

Sister became Big Sister the moment Brother was born, but, she didn’t really become ‘Big Sister’ until he was 5 days old.

Big Sister

You see, up until this point, she did not have to share her space with anyone. She could sit on the couch wherever she wanted, she got the attention of Mommy and Daddy equally, and, she could sit in the baby bouncer all day. You know, the one that came out of that storage closet when Mommy’s belly got big.

So, when she wanted to get in the bouncer at day 5, and Brother was in there, she suddenly realized that she was not the only one in the world anymore. It is almost like I saw a light click on behind her eyes when she started crying. She realized she was not the only one, and I realized just how hard this was going to be for her.

Change is Hard

We just sat there and cried with each other. She was crying because Baby Brother was in her space, and I was crying because my Baby Girl was changing into Big Sister. My heart broke for her in that moment, and I wondered if that was how God feels about us when we go through a change. He knows how hard change can be in our lives, but understands the importance of it.

I can imagine Him putting his arm around us and handing us tissues when our heart changes after it has been broken.

Or, when the slow change of being constantly rejected at every, single. job interview.

Or, when he is standing right behind us as we are spinning our wheels, trying to get ahead in our finances every month. Tears streaming down his face as he knows just how hard this is for us.

Eventually, I had to pick up Baby Brother from the bouncer for smelly reasons, and sister jumped right in. Sighing in relief, smiling through the tears on her cheeks. She honestly never looked more beautiful.
And suddenly, my Baby Girl became Big Sister.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come!” — 2 Corinthians 5:17

Yes, change is hard.

Anna is a wife and mother living in Smyrna, Tennessee. She loves to study babies and young children, and has a certification in Montessori Education. Anna has been attending Springhouse Worship and Arts Center for almost 20 years with her family, and has served all over the church from Children’s Ministry to Praise in Motion. She enjoys exploring Nashville, eating at local restaurants, and crafting until all hours of the night.

photo credit: concord rio via photopin (license)