Another Cat Story


Back in March, I wrote a blog post called, Cold Little Kitty, about a feral cat that found his way to our house. I’ve been thinking a lot about that cat. You see, we weren’t able to keep him. He was just too wild.

I’m also wrapping up a 30 week long, in-depth bible study this year on the books of Revelation and Daniel. Needless to say, after studying these books, I’ve been reminded that the choices we make in this life will have consequences…eternal consequences.

And the two thoughts have sort of molded into one.

Love and Safety

All I ever wanted to do when this cat came around during that ice storm was to help it. I wanted to shelter it from the cold. I wanted to make sure it had a full belly. I yearned for it to become part of our family and give it a better life – one of love and safety – just like our Heavenly Father wants for us – always!

He yearns for us. But like I said in the earlier post, we all have a choice.

Trust and Control

So many of us are skeptical of who Christ is. We don’t invite Him into our hearts because we choose not to trust. We think we know better, we don’t need Him. We are deceived into thinking that we are in control. But that’s a lie.

When you read about the prophecies that have been already been fulfilled and then read about the coming end – one begins to realize that everything is a part of God’s mysterious plan. He has a master plan for this world.

And most importantly, one begins to realize just how much He loves us and does not want us to perish. His master plan is to shelter us, feed us, love us – just like I wanted to do with the cat.

But after two months of trying, the cat just would not trust us at all. The cat wanted to stay wild and “in control”.

We Can Stay Wild

Because we have a domesticated cat already, there was a risk of making our cat sick from him. So we had to call animal control for help. That was really hard. My heart was breaking for him. But I had to protect my own.

Eventually, Christ will do the same. He will give us every opportunity to come to Him, because He desires to spend eternity with us. As with all things though, that time too will have an end and there will be a time to come when the gates of heaven will close. We will either respond to His countless efforts to woo us to Him, or we won’t.

Just experiencing the hard decision to call animal control to trap him and take him away, showed me just how much more the Father hurts when we dismiss His love for us.

Jesus Christ loves you. He wants to spend eternity with you.

Trust Him. Choose Him. Come in from the cruel world and find shelter in His love.

The choice is yours…

photo credit: Stuck in the snow. via photopin (license)